Club Profile – Niigata

  1. Official club name :  Friendship Force Niigata
  2. Closest major airport :  Niigata  Air Port To  25 minutes $3.5(410YEN)
    Convenient air route network with 6 regular intemational flight and 8 domestic flight services.
    Through connection in Seoul, Shanghai, and Narita, Niigata is connected to all comers of the world
    To  Capital  Tokyo : minimum  100  minutes by  Joetsu  Shinkansen  Bullet Train
    To  Osaka :  65 minutes by airplane
    To  Narita Airport :75 minutes by airplane
  3. The maximum number of ambassadors our club can host :  15 members
  4. The Friendship Force of Niigata was established by Bunkichi Itoh who was former director for the Northern Culture Museum  in Sep,1982.  We have approximately 560 ambassadors from our club and  host 1,253 abmbassadors around the world.  In October 1992, the club hosted the International Conference and in May 1998 we hosted the Japan and Asia-Pacific Conferences. Friendship Force members from many countries attended these conferences.
  5. About the region :
    Niigata Prefecture is locatad at the center of the Japan Sea coast.and is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty including beautiful coastline, sprawing mountain ranges designated as National Parks, and bountiful rivers feeding into fertile plains
  6. About the Journey :
    2015  Taiwan  hsinchu & Kaohsiung   13
    2016  Australia Kempsey   18
    2005   Canada  Lethbridge    23
    2007   USA  Florida     22
    2010   Australia  Adelaide  23
    2013   Russian  Moskva   15
    2016   Germany  Hanover   19